Sea Breeze Plus Towel: Action Bike

Sea Breeze Plus Towel: Action Bike

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The Swimdry Sea Breeze Plus quick drying towel range is ideal for adults and larger teens. Sea Breeze Plus microfiber towels are extra large when open, but extremely compact once folded. Lightweight and ultra compact.

Bonus features:
✅ space saving
✅ dries quickly so can be used multiple times before washing 
✅ can be used as a double sided sarong 
✅ weighs only 275 grams!

Size: 150 x 90cm

Clarissa's comment: This is an extra large microfibre towel and thus can be used by anyone of any size, but my recommendation from my personal experience is that it's better suited to adults and larger teens. Because it's wider, it gives you that little extra space for your hands/arms when reclining next to the pool or at the beach.